Health and wellness is a journey, not a race.  I know that immediate results feel better (in the short term) but a journey leaves us with  memories that will last a lifetime.  I am hoping that together we can take an adventure that will change the way you look at life all together.  Living a life of pleasure will give us a chance to also live to our fullest potential.  I get so excited to meet and talk to new people because each one of us are uniquely different.  We have all been placed here on Earth to serve a special purpose and I love trying to see the purpose in everyone.  Sometimes we get wrapped up in our own minds about how we aren’t worthy of happiness or that we aren’t good enough to change the world and that quick we are distracted from our potential.  Sometimes on a journey we take the wrong path and veer off course BUT the good news each that there are many routes to the same destination.  I like to think of our body as the vehicle and our mind as the map.  We can steer our vehicle in any direction we choose at any point.  If we take a wrong turn we simply take the next exit.  We might encounter bumps and treacherous terrains along the way but at some point the road will smooth out. When we are on a journey there can be a scenic route or a more direct route that is less appealing but the beauty is; the choice is ours.  Why should our health and wellness be any different.  What works for us today, may not be ideal tomorrow; so we have to look for the alternative route (destination is the same, the road traveled is not).  Do you want to explore the “map” of your life….lets find the best roads traveled for you, we can find alternate routes, take the scenic pleasurable roads and end at the final destination of lasting wellness!